1. May I try a game before I buy it?

You can download all of the games on our site and get your feet wet with them in some form of free game trial before you decide whether or not to buy it. We highly encourage downloading and trying every game on our site.

2. How do I download a game?

From the "Games" page on the site just find a "DOWNLOAD" button near the game you like, and just click it. Alternatively, you could go to the game's detail page by clicking on one of the game pictures in the "Games" page list, and click the big "DOWNLOAD" button on the details page. Every download is free, please indulge yourself.

3. How do I install a game?

Click any "DOWNLOAD" button and run or double click the file after it finishes downloading. The game's installer program will automatically guide you through the simple installation process. Alternatively, you can go straight to the "BUY" button for the game of your choice, proceed through the transaction, and once in receipt of your purchase confirmation email, click the Download Link within the body of the email. Your browser should download the game and run the installer as described above.

4. I purchased a game, and I haven't received an email with a download link in my email. What happened?

Several things could have happened...

  • Make sure to check your email program's spam folder when looking for your purchase confirmation email.
  • If you paid through PayPal, then make sure that your email address is correct with them. If you discover your email address is not correct, then please contact us at to let us know, and we can work to help you recover your confirmation email, which would include your Registration Key.
  • If you paid through PayPal with an e-check, sometimes the e-check takes a few days for PayPal to clear. Once clear, you should receive your purchase confirmation email with your Registration Key.

5. I downloaded the game on my work computer, but I want to purchase the game on my computer at home. Do I have to activate the game on the computer I downloaded the demo on?

You can activate your game on any computer you would like to, regardless of what computer you downloaded the trial on. Please note, however, that you will need to download and install the game before you can activate it. Also know that you can only validate or activate the game one computer and if you wanted to switch the location of the game from one computer to another you would have to uninstall from the original computer before you may validate or activate on the next computer. Please see the game's accompanying EULA for the prevailing terms of your license.

6. Oh no! I lost my Registration Key! How do I obtain another one?

Please contact us at and we will work diligently to resend your Registration Key to you.

7. I've put in my Registration Key and successfully licensed a game, but now I am having a technical problem with the game, what should I do?

Please go to our "Developers" page and click on the game's developer button to access their contact and technical support information. If you are having any trouble contacting the game's developer for support, please contact us at and we will work to help you.

8. How do I get my money back for a purchase?

Please contact us at and we will do everything in our power to take care of you.

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